Where To Begin?

Not sure where to start? Or how to get the ball rolling?

Here are 3 easy steps that summarize the whole process from initial contact to getting an appointment booked. We’ll go over each step a little more in depth later.

If you are in the process of looking for the right tattoo artist for your next tattoo, you undoubtedly have collected images you like and have an idea of the size and placement you would like.  Get together your faves and put 'em in one place. Your artist will thank you for being prepared!

Step 1

Preparing your reference

Now that you have your ideas together its time to book your Free consultation! This is where we come in, to bring those ideas to life! We’ll ask questions, and get all the details ironed out in order to streamline and simplify the process for you. You’re Welcome.

Step 2

Booking a consultation

After we are on the same page with the direction of the artwork, we will discuss our availability and find you an appointment date . At this time a deposit is required to seal the deal. After confirming your appointment we get to work on making your Tattoo design a reality.

Step 3

Booking your appt.

1. Preparing Your Reference Material

This should be a no brainer, but you would be surprized at how many consultations are booked without the client even knowing what they want. Please be prepared with images you like, along with any notes you may have. This will give the Artist an idea of your tastes, and narrow down the style of your tattoo quite a bit.  These can include actual pictures of the subject matter you want to include, or other tattoo images.

Please be aware that if you bring images of other peoples tattoos, the final Artwork will be based on those core ideas, but not copied exactly. An original will be hand drawn or rendered in photoshop to make it one of a kind! You will need to be open to the artist’s  interpretation of these ideas as it will rarely be exactly what you have pictured in your head. That being said, we aim to exceed your expectations!

2.Booking Your Consultation.

Booking a free consultation can be done By messaging us on our Facebook page or sending an email. Note that if you have not liked our page, any messages will be sent to a pending folder and potentially not seen. Due to the volume of requests, we ask for your patience if you message through messenger.

During the consultation, we will go over your ideas, take notes on size and placement, take measurements, and answer any questions you may have. We may suggest editing your ideas to make the tattoo more readable and flow better with the body. This might mean taking out certain elements so its not overly crowded, or changing placement of the tattoo if needed. It's important that you are open minded during this process. 

3.Booking Your Appointment.

If you made it to this step than you and the Artist have hit it off, you are on the same page, and you feel confident with his vision for the project. 

 Time to get down to business.  In order to secure an appointment a deposit must be made. This covers the artist’s design time and shows us that you are serious about the project.  The amount will reflect the time booked to complete the tattoo. We require a minimum $100 deposit and alternatively, for larger work (sleeves, back-pieces etc...) we will ask for half the quoted estimate before starting any intricate design work. Please be prepared financially if you will be starting a large project, as a full sleeve takes many hours of planning , and can cost thousands of dollars.

All deposits  are non-refundable, therefor we ask that you are 100% certain before signing a deposit slip.

Deposits will come off the final price of your project. If multiple sittings are required, deposit amount will be subtracted on your final visit . This is to ensure you see it through to the end.  If you must re-schedule an appointment we ask that you give us a minimum of 48 hours notice, any less will forfeit your deposit amount. Canceling will also result in the forfeiture of your deposit.  This helps to cover some of the costs incurred by the artist, like time spent researching your ideas, planning and designing your tattoo. Please take note this forfeit of deposit comes nowhere close to covering the value of time lost, or potential revenue for time booked. We take our time seriously, and ask that you do the same. Respect is key!

So That's It?

Yes, this pretty well sums up what to expect here a Main Street Tattoo. Now that you’ve made an appointment, it's time to sit back and relax. Oh and while you're waiting, you should check out the rest of the site, I especially recommend my online portfolio, as well as the frequently asked questions page  and the tattoo etiquette page to get informed and ready for your new Tattoo! See you soon!